Police Videos Show Logan Man's Sever Impairment

13 August 2012 Published in Blog

After pinning and nearly killing Maverik employee, Joseph White, Daniel Kropf subsequently received three DUIs in  less then Three days, receiving the first DUI just hours after severely injuring Mr. White. 

Law enforcement video of Mr. Kropf's subsequent arrests illustrating his obvious impairment can be seen here.

KSL reports:

"The video of Daniel Kropf ??? visibly impaired, ice cream smeared all over his face ??? is difficult to watch. Recorded on July 10, the video shows only one of three DUIs Kropf was arrested for in less than 48 hours.

"(I) can't get away from you guys," Kropf can be heard telling the officer."

While the investigating officer of the incident involving Joseph White didn't detect that Mr. Kropf was impaired at the time, Joseph's attorney, Dustin Lance, believes that Kropf was under the influence during that incident as well and he plans on doing everything he can to make sure Mr. Kropf pays for what he's done.