Obstructed Vision may have Caused Salina Plane Crash

13 August 2012 Published in Blog

Peter and Ramona Branagh, of Lafayette California, died in a plane crash near Salina, Utah. The investigation of crash suggests that obstructed vision may have caused the crash.

The California couple died when the Cirrus SR22 crashed on July 14th in Saleratus Canyon, 30 miles southeast of Salina.

According to a preliminary report recently released by the National Transportation Safety Board, "the first point of impact was a pine tree, the trunk was broken approximately 17 feet from the base of the tree".

The report also indicated that the plane was flying at an altitude of 13,700 feet, but climbed to 14,200 feet just two minutes before crashing. Reports also indicate that the cloud base on July 14th was at 9,000 feet msl (mean sea level), and the cloud top was at 27,000 feet msl with light rain.

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