Coronavirus Office Precautions

15 September 2020 Published in News

Dewsnup King Olsen Worel Havas Mortensen takes the health and safety of its employees and its clients very seriously.  We are doing our part to keep everyone safe and to contribute to the community’s efforts to do the same, while remaining available to serve our clients.  Our office is open, with enhanced precautions and sanitation measures to prevent contact with, or the spread of, the coronavirus. 

The following measures have been implemented for the safety of our employees and visitors. We check employee temperatures regularly, require frequent hand-cleansing and sanitization, disinfect high touch surfaces frequently, provide face masks, maintain social distancing, and limit the size of groups gathering in the office. 

All visitors will be screened for recent illness or exposure, have their temperatures checked, and be asked to sanitize their hands and wear a face mask.  Masks are available for any visitor who needs one. 

Using these measures we can safely confer with clients, attorneys, and others in the office when desired.  We also continue to use conference calls, video meetings, and other electronic means to communicate and work remotely when that is preferred.

We continue to work on our cases and pursue our clients’ interests as we always have.  We can be reached regarding our cases – and potential new ones – by email at or at the individual email addresses shown for each attorney at  Or you can call our office at (801) 533-0400 and the receptionist will route the call to the proper person. 

DKOWHM continues to work hard for our clients.  If you want DKOWHM to work hard for you, or you have other questions, please contact us.  Stay safe and stay healthy.