April 30, 2013

Logan Man Charged with 3 DUI's in 48 Hours Sentenced to 6 Months In Jail

A prison sentence of up to five years for Logan man, Daniel Kropf, who was charged last July with driving under the influence of opiates on three separate occasions within a 48 hour time period, was suspended yesterday afternoon and instead he has been sentenced to six months in jail with work release eligibility after 30 days and credit for the 26 days he spent in jail last summer.

Kropf plead guilty in March to his class B misdemeanor DUI and a third degree felony DUI in a plea negotiation with prosecutors.

Just hours prior to his first of three DUI arrests on July 8, 2012, he was involved in an accident in the parking lot of the Providence Maverik. As Kropf pulled around the building in his large truck, towing his 26-foot flatbed trailer, the trailer got caught on a dumpster, pushing it against a nearby shed, and pinning store clerk, Joseph White, who was seriously injured as a result.

Dewsnup, King & Olsen was retained by Joseph White last year and is pursuing the civil case.


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