November 29, 2012

Edward B. Havas Gives Presentation on Mediation at Snow, Christensen & Martineau's 2012 Tort & Insurance Seminar

On Friday, October 26, 2012, Snow, Christensen & Martineau held their 2012 Tort and Insurance Seminar at the Utah Law and Justice Center where Edward B. Havas had the opportunity of presenting on the topic of mediation. Edward Havas was honored to be asked to speak at this event. Snow, Christensen & Marineau has been educating the legal community on Utah Tort and Insurance Law for nearly twenty years. Their annual seminars address a range of issues aimed at aiding with the resolution of Utah tort and insurance claims. The organization and registration for the 2013 Utah Tort & Insurance Law Seminar is already underway. Addtional information can be found here