Alan W. Mortensen and Edward B. Havas Win Jurisdictional Dispute in Guatemalan Plane Crash Case

23 July 2012 Published in News

Representing the family of a victim of a Guatemalan plane crash, Alan W. Mortensen and Edward B. Havas recently won a jurisdictional dispute with the defendant Aereo Ruta Maya.

ARM, a Guatemalan based company that offers charter plane services in Guatemala and surrounding areas, including Texas, was the operator of a Cessna plane that crashed in 2008 due to in-flight engine failure, killing 11 and injuring 3. Twelve of the victims were on humanitarian trip with Utah based company, Choice Humanitarian. ARM fought to keep the jurisdiction of the case solely in Guatemala and out of the United States. Mortensen and Havas presented findings of fact, arguing multiple connections between ARM and Texas to maintain one lawsuit tried in Dallas, Texas. The court found ARM subject to jurisdiction in Texas and of the Texas Court agreeing that ???judicial economy and efficiency are most effectively served by trying one lawsuit in Dallas, Texas.?۝