April 09, 2013

Attorney Alan Mortensen Reports Dust Testing Has Revealed Something Significant in Clyde Cancer Cluster

Register photo/LUKE WARK Attorney Alan Mortensen, representing several families affected by the Clyde Cancer Cluster, addresses questions from the audience during a press conference on Monday in Clyde. Mortensen announced they have asked the U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA to carry out additional tests after significant and important results were found following tests of dust found in attics of some Clyde homes. Alan W. Mortensen, of Dewsnup, King & Olsen, who represents 12 Clyde area families whose loved ones have been sickened or even killed by various types of cancer, held a press conference on Monday, April 8, 2013, to discuss the results from the recent dust testing done in the homes of his clients.

Mr. Mortensen reported that the results of the dust tests done within six local homes have turned up significant results in their search for answers as to what has been the cause behind nearly 40 Clyde area children developing pediatric cancers over the past decade. Mr. Mortensen and the firm of Dewsnup, King & Olsen has hired chemists and toxicologists in an attempt to further make sense of the results.


While the water at the Clyde City Water Department tested clean, Mr. Mortensen said that the results of all the testing will be turned over to the Ohio and the U.S. EPA with the request that they verify the results with their own testing and take action.

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