February 07, 2013

Clyde Cancer Cluster: Lime Sludge Testing at Water Treatment Plant to Commence This Spring

Alan Mortensen of Dewsnup, King & Olsen, one of the attorneys who represents families from the Clyde area who've lost children to cancer, is helping the families to test the water quality of the small community in which they live. Attorney Mortensen sent a letter to the mayor of Clyde regarding testing the lime that is removed annually from the water treatment plant. The letter requests that his "environmental team of experts be allowed to take a sample of the sludge to do detailed testing and determine whether the sludge holds any clues as to what is causing this horrible disease to Clyde's children." There are three lime sludge pits behind the water treatment plant and lime build up can be seen. The testing will detect any possible carcinogens in what the lime filters out of the water systems.

The Clyde City Manager Paul Fiser says the city will work with the family and lime will be removed in the spring. Deep soil testing will begin in a few months at the old Whirlpool Park in Green Springs due to the high levels of PCB's and other toxic chemicals found by the EPA in soil samples from last year.

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