December 11, 2012

The News-Messenger Reports: Clyde Working on Dump Issues

Whirlpool Corp. and the current owners of the closed Whirlpool Park near Green Springs, Ohio, have reached a verbal agreement that will allow Whirlpool to have further testing done on the land.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found toxic sludge near the basketball courts of the former park, where many families affected by the local cancer cluster frequented. The Eastern Sandusky County Cancer Cluster has affected at least 35 children from Clyde, Green Creek Township and Fremont.

Although Whirlpool Park has been the focus in recent weeks pertaining to the Cancer Cluster, attorneys for the families, Alan Mortensen and Dustin Lance of Dewsnup, King & Olsen, are also concerned about other sites investigated by the EPA.

Alan Mortensen, who is a Gibsonburg native, said the former Clyde City Dump and the vacant Clyde Paint and Supply sites are also places of concern. He also thinks the EPA should investigate a waste-disposal facility near Vickery, Vickery Environmental.

"I think the U.S. EPA came in and has done a very good job at identifying the problems," Mortensen said. "I think they need to go to the next step and identify the causes of the problems."

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