November 15, 2012

Toledo Blade Reports: Green Springs Park Revealed as Toxic Dumping Ground

CTY CANCER12p whirlpool park A report compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reveals Whirlpool Park, seen here in August, was a dumping ground for PCBs and toxic materials.

Alan Mortensen and Dustin Lance of Dewsnup, King & Olsen in Salt Lake City along with the Clyde families of children who have suffered from cancer react to the EPA report indicating high PCB levels were recently tested at a former Whirlpool playground. The report indicates that the former playground is a virtual "toxic dump" states Alan Mortensen. 

He said the area where the PCB levels were found "slopes down into the pond, and the pond is what they used to fill the [swimming] pool every year so they would pump the warer out of the pond into the pool. That's big concern to the family members".

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