Logan Resident Not Happy About Canal Cover-up Plan

14 August 2012 Published in Blog

A Canal break in Logan Three years ago cost three people their lives and devastated the city of Logan. Attorney Colin King of Dewsnup, King & Olsen, represents the families of those killed in the incident. Three years later state engineers are ready to make some changes to Logan City canals. 

They plan to re-build the irrigation system, making the area safer. But not all Logan residents are in support of this project. Many residents see the canals as landmarks in the community, people who live near the canals have incorporated the canals into their landscaping. However, these pioneer-era canals proved to be unsafe in July of 2009 when the barrier of a canal in South Logan broke. The uncontrolled water wiped out a home, killing a mother and her two children. The rubble was left covered in a mudslide and crews worked for days clearing the debris.

After three years of study, state engineers have decided they'd like to move the flow from the canal that broke in 2009 and combine it with a canal that runs along the Castle Heights subdivision. This will double the amount of water originally in the canal and engineers plan to encase the larger stream in an underground pipe, keeping the flow out of reach and contained.

Those who live near the canal fear that the changes will cost them their neighborhood. Residents are asking engineers to consider putting in a 3-foot pipe underwater to contain the extra flow and leave the rest of the canal open. Construction could begin this month.

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