Attorney David Olsen Featured on Channel 2 News for Case Involving Teen Paralized due to Prescription Error at Walmart Pharmacy

24 July 2012 Published in Blog

David Olsen's client Jessie Scott was recently spotlighted by the Deseret News, KSL, and Channel 2. The stories give an update on Scott's recovery after being paralyzed three years ago when a Walmart pharmacy mistakenly filled an oxycodone hydrochloride pain medication 20 times the dose prescribed by his doctor.

In the Channel 2 story, David Olsen is quoted, explaining some startling facts about the pharmacist:

The Scott's filed a lawsuit against Walmart. They have settled out of court and are not able to talk about the details. Walmart  said they can't comment on the incident, only that it was resolved.
Their attorney David Olsen has uncovered some startling things about the pharmacist. Olsen says the pharmacist has a 30 year history of drug abuse, had his license suspended before and made several prescription errors.
There is also dash cam video from a police officer's car of the pharmacist walking the line after being pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence on his way to Walmart, where he was still working two months after Jessie's overdose.
"Looking at his history I wouldn't want him filling my prescription," said Attorney David Olsen.
Olsen says the pharmacist was let go from Walmart a short time after the traffic stop.  Olsen also said the pharmacist no longer has a professional license in Utah.

You can watch the stories here: Channel 2, KSL

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